T. L. DEITCH Candidate of Historical Sciences E. N. KORENDYASOV Candidate of Economic Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences BRICS Keywords:, Africa, cooperation, trade, investment, raw materials China is most active in Africa, as it seeks to use the potential of the BRICS to increase its influence as one of the leading global players. China has strongly supported South Africa's desire to become a member of BRICS 1. CHINA AND SOUTH AFRICA: MODEL OF BILATERAL COOPERATION Considering South Africa as a gateway not only to the countries of Southern Africa, but also to Africa as a whole, Beijing has been cooperating with it for a long time and quite successfully. In 2009, China surpassed the United States as the largest market for South African exports, including iron ore, copper, chromium, and tin, worth $6.57 billion. In 2009, despite the crisis, the volume of bilateral trade amounted to $16 billion 2, and in 9 months of 2010 - $17.3 billion 3. Chinese investment in South Africa totaled $7 billion in 2010. In 2008, the world's largest Industrial and Commercial Bank in terms of capitalization acquired a 20% stake in South Africa's Standard Bank. The Chinese have set out to create a $250 million Disneyland theme park in Johannesburg. China is the second country besides the United States to build such parks abroad.4 During a visit to Beijing in August 2010, South African President Jacob Zuma was accompanied by a delegation of 400 businessmen and 11 ministers. Agreements were signed on the participation of Chinese companies in the extraction of titanium in South Africa, the construction of railways and power plants, and the exchange of technologies in the field of pig iron production and nuclear power.5 And in November 2010, China promised to provide the South African Government with a credit line for nuclear power development. 6 South Africa has the largest number of Chinese tourists and the largest number of South African students. Thus, China-South Af ... Читать далее

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